Why ZIP Travel?





  • Experience. According to the numbers of participants of this program we are one of the leaders among all sending agencies.
  • We have 15 branches in Europe and Asia (Romania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Philipines, Russia).
  • Already 19 years we work for you.
  • Job Fairs. Every year we organize job fairs where you can meet employers who come from U.S. to look for summer employees. It is the best opportunity to find out all the details about the job that is being offered and in most cases to sign a job contract right away.
  • We are a member of WYSE Work Abroad which is the world’s leading non-profit trade association that represents trusted organisations specialising in work abroad and volunteer programmes. WYSE Work Abroad members are active in over 40 countries worldwide.




  • All ZIP Travel employees - were participants of "Work and Travel USA".
  • We offer full package of services.
  • We process all the documents that are necessary for successful participation in the program.
  • We offer lots of options of placements to choose from if participants can't find job themselves.
  • Since we have a license to sell flight and bus tickets ourselves we can offer best available option in the market. Flight tickets can be bought in any of ZIP Travel office or online at www.aviakasos.lt/en
  • You get insurance for your traveling period.
  • We also offer professional Tax Return services.



ZIP Travel