Procedure of the program


In USA resorts during summer season occur many employment opportunities in motels, hotels, cafes, pizzerias and ect. So hurry up and get your JOB for summer season NOW!



  • Interview to check your capability of English. You will know your result the same day.
  • Sign the contract and pay first installment in 7 days and  bring all necessary documents.
  • Self placed program participants must bring job agreement signed by an employer and a student and to pay the rest fee of the program. In 3-4 weeks period our partners in the USA confirm the employer. If your employer is not approved* you can: 1) Ask for the employer to contact our partner in the USA; 2) Bring new job agreement; 3) Change your program to Job Placed; 4) Terminate the participation in the program. In 3 weeks after job agreement confirmation you get a DS-2019 form (required for J-1 work visa).

IMPORTANT: *Sponsor may not confirm employer mostly for these reasons: they can’t reach him; your employer is a recruitment agency; your employer does not confirm that is hiring you or does not confirm some contact details.

  • Job Placed program participants receive their job agreement online or in a job fair. When you receive a specific job offer you need to sign it and pay the rest of the program fee. After signing the contract in 3 weeks period you receive a DS-2019 form.
  • Program gives an opportunity to choose only one job offer from the open position list sent by ZIP Travel Program coordinator..
  • ZIP Travel helps the participant to fill all required documents for USA visa, but student must pay 160 USD non refundable visa fee and go to the embassy of USA by himself.
  • When visa is approved student can buy airplane tickets.

IMPORTANT: Both program types' participants must fly to the closest airport to their place of work.


  • Registration fee (upon termination of the contract, the registration fee is non-refundable);
  • Information about programs;
  • Selection of participants and interviews;
  • Preparation of All necessary documents for J-1 visa;
  • Health insurance;
  • Help dealing with any problems in the USA;
  • Consultation about how to get back taxes paid in the USA;



  • SEVIS fee (Students Exchange Visitors Information System) - $35. More info: (upon termination of the contract, the fee is non-refundable);
  • Embassy consular fee - $160 (the fee may vary because it is determined by the U.S. Embassy; upon termination of the contract, the fee is non-refundable);
  • Return flight tickets (from $700 to both sides). We recommend you to buy flight tickets only after receiving your US visa. You are able to find flight tickets to US for the friendly prices in one of ZIP Travel offices;
  • Some cash for the period until you receive your first paycheck in the USA.



  • Favorable program price
  • Employers` contact information database for FREE.
  • If you can’t find job yourself – you can choose job contract from the one in our list.
  • No deposits!
  • Payments are made by installments, not all the amount at one time.
  • Program fee is “tied” to US dollar rate, so if this rate drops – you pay less.
  • Program allows you to find a second job.
  • 100% of “ZIP Travel” Work & Travel participants got visas in 2015 and 2016.


Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Call us: 8 700 555 25, write or come to ZIP Travel office in KAUNAS (Kestucio g. 57-1) or in VILNIUS (Klaipedos str. 7 B - 12).